LE$$XNS: New Wave Marketing

My fellow artist-entrepreneurs,

Are you sick of consultants, marketers and agencies taking your $$$ and not getting results? Do you sometimes sit there and wonder why you're paying them so much cash month after month?

See what I did there?

If I was part of the old school of marketing that first paragraph would be the perfect way to craft an email. 

What's the formula?

You identify a pain and then you twist the knife. And afterwards, you offer your solution and take them to the sales page. 

But I'm not trying to sell you anything.

All I want to do is introduce you to some new ideas. For free. What's in it for me? The more people that implement these ideas, the better the world I get to live in.

The old clickbait tactics don't work anymore. Even if they were efficient.

The 'new wave' of marketing we're living in is much more effective.

Being efficient is about doing things quick while being effective is about doing things right. 

The 'make art not content' era we're entering in is about being human.

Being real. 

Without hype. 

Just giving people the quality goods.