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Do you know the secret to creativity?

Before I ever picked up a camera, I was an introverted kid.

"Used to be shy" may be a trendy phrase now... but for those who actually lived it growing up, it sucked. Don't get me wrong, I was outgoing and funny with my friends. But with strangers? My palms would get sweaty just thinking about talking to people. I'd use any tactic I could to avoid those kind of situations. Deep down though... I knew I was holding myself back.

So I started doing "dares".

Some people's "coming of age" is drinking and partying. Mine was doing dares and "social experiments" with my other artist friends. We starting testing how far we could push each other out of our comfort zones. The theory was that it would help us make better art. It did. We also discovered all these insights into human psychology (mainly our own) that we had no clue existed before. We had accidentally revealed our own dormant potential.

So when I started taking pictures at parties, you better believe I injected the same dares mentality that I had developed with my childhood friends into my new hobby. A hobby that became my job.

I ended up pioneering a style of photography that has since been copied a million times over by amateur photographers and "borrowed" for ad campaigns all over the world. But none of those rip-offs (thankfully for my career) had the special sauce.

They had copied the style but they couldn't copy the substance. Why? Their pictures didn't evolve from a worldview.

LNPTV is that worldview.

These educational modules are about breaking the creativity myths that we were taught as children. Video after video, I'll help you unlock your special powers... How do you go beyond surface image? How do you connect your soul to your work? How do you nurture your originality? And every other aspect of mastery I've discovered from a career full of dares.

This 8-week course isn't for the type of person that likes fumbling around with hundreds of camera lenses...

It isn't for people that love "talking shop"...

LNPTV is for renegades that are looking for a mind-shift that will exponentially develop their own style.

If you wanna be able to take awe-inspiring photos no matter what camera you're holding in your hand... ride with me for a couple of months.

I'll show you the how to develop the kind of drive that enables you to crash the Academy Awards dressed up as a Black Panther activist and interview actors like Meryl Streep, Sylvester Stallone and Matt Damon and outwit security. (True story!)

But while most people will only show you the highlight reel and speed through the bad parts. I'll also expose the insecurities and loneliness you'll experience on the path to achieving your greatness.

We're gonna glorify the whole journey.

Because you'll need access to ALL of it to create your art.

These raw unfiltered videos, filmed when the camera probably shouldn't have been rolling... will take you on that crazy ride. I'll show you the inner workings of the artist mind... and help you navigate yours.

We're gonna dissect the doubts, the discipline, the anxiety, and the insane focus that are an integral part of the creative process.

YouTube tutorials are only poisoning your mind and increasing your lack of direction. It's time to invest in ONE process, ONE philosophy that you can immerse yourself into... and transform.

So, what's a Mystery School?

It's a library of unorthodox resources designed to unlock hidden aspects of your creativity.

LNPTV's 8-week program of educational films will teach you things like:

• How to dare yourself right out of the comfort zone... until your life is "like a movie". And how to develop that "drive-by" mentality that every photographer wants. "You're only a stranger away..." (WEEK ONE: DRIVE-BY)

• How to master the complex psychology of the pin-up photoshoot. You want to photograph girls but you have no clue how their minds work? In these videos, the models themselves will tell you. "I'm not looking for perfection. I'm looking for a vibe." (WEEK TWO: FEMINISM FOR BOYS)

• All the essential secrets that would get most teachers fired if they shared them in a traditional photography school setting. (WEEK THREE: HOW TO TAKE PARTY PHOTOS)

• How to develop Quantum Mind. Move beyond left brain / right brain thinking. Overcome procrastination and master the art of discipline. The importance of rituals. (WEEK FIVE: BRONQUES BEGINS)

• How to find your message. "If you don't figure out your message, you're destined to be a slave to someone else's." (WEEK SIX: THE DRILL DOWN METHOD)

• How to build your online community... and turn your art into a business. "Make art not content."(WEEK SEVEN & EIGHT: LE$$XNS, BECOME A RAINMAKER)

And much, much, more.

Wanna be part of a community of late-night creatives that shuts off the world and focuses on their vision?

There are no distractions here. Everything leads to the same goal: maximum creativity.

It’s bootcamp for your procrastinating mind.

I love the little imperfections, like the occasional bits of microphone hiss, or the yelling and police sirens leaking in from outside. Most educational videos take place in "Take-22" land, a wonderful bubble of unreality where all problems and rough edges have been systematically worn down, which makes them useless as standalone documents of a moment-- or as pieces of art. With the LNPTV videos, I’m excited to show them to non-photographically minded people because, in addition to being incredibly informative, they’re also little documentaries, shot and edited with the flair of films.

- Dean, Filmmaker (A Place Where Wi-fi Dare Not Venture), LNPTV Student

- Jyoti Devi, Poet, LNPTV Student

LE$$XNS (Week 7 & 8) -- These final intense weeks are for digital artists and "content creators" looking to go PRO.

They include:

• Real life CASE STUDIES of working with clients to transform their businesses using message-driven psychographic storytelling.

• A guide to kick-starting your movement. Lean how to grow your community and comfortably ignore the rest of the world.

• The crucial "context" shift you'll need to adopt to exponentially monetize your craft. And how to use that newfound creativity to help other people achieve their dreams too. (BECOME A RAINMAKER 101)

These hardcore learning modules include all the spiritual and financial pearls of wisdom missing from the other more traditional education methods.

In this mystery school, content creators become artists, creatives become "rainmakers" and artist-entrepreneurs never stress out about social media ever again.

Welcome to LNPTV.

Class begins at midnight...


After watching "Finding Your Message (Geisha, Part 1)" I found myself sitting down and really thinking about what I loved about my work, and why I do it, and I realised I don't speak from that place. After watching this, I started letting people see me cry and be vulnerable because I realised that sharing from that place was true power, and that's what I have not been doing. The response was overwhelming from doing that. The men and women who I meet and connect through my work, is what makes me want to continue to dive further into photography these days. I'm not quite to the point of finding my message but I know this is bringing me closer to it. So thank you.

- Oliver, Photographer (Australia), LNPTV Student.

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