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What Is The Secret To Awe-Inspiring Photograhy? (Hint: It’s not "talent")

Imagine this... You crash the Academy Awards dressed up as a Black Panther activist. Then you spend the night filming "on-camera interviews" and taking pictures with actors like Meryl Streep, Sylvester Stallone and Matt Damon during the actual broadcast -- outwitting security and almost getting arrested. F*cked right?

That wasn't a dream... That was me IRL.

How did I go from being an introvert-- to being able to do whatever was needed to "get the shot"?

Was it talent?

Nope. It was something else that I lucked upon completely by accident.

My "coming of age" happened when I started doing dares with my high-school friends. We would come up with "social experiments" to test the limits of our fears.

What innocently started out as a game took me down a path where I became obsessed with waking up my dormant artistic
potential. I developed these crazy discipline routines and started testing them everywhere.

It worked with my music. It worked with my writing. But it's when I applied my personal system to taking pictures at parties... that it really popped!
I had found these effective methods that any photographer/videographer could use to maximize their creative output. And I used them throughout the years to transform my career.

But I never really thought about sharing my secret sauce with the masses until...

My friend Melissa said, "You should start a Mystery School."

"What's that?" I asked.

"They used to be popular in the 18th century... alternative artists and mystics getting together to study the art and science of self-transformation. You should do a modern version."

That's how lastnightsparty TV (version 2.0) was born.

lnpTV: The Mystery School is an intense 6-WEEK program of underground videos that answer the age-old questions that antagonize photographers and late-night creatives: "What's my message? How do I stop this endless procrastination? How can I conquer my social anxiety? How do I sell myself more? How do I become more prolific?"

We're gonna dissect your doubts, your anxiety... And replace it with discipline, insane focus and renegade energy (the spirit you need to become a creative monster these days)... It's like inspiration in pill form.

• WEEK ONE: THE MYSTERY SCHOOL "Bronques Begins" -- An introduction to The Art and Science of Self Transformation. Master discipline... Learn how to approach the creative process like an athlete. Discover the process of converting your passion into single minded obsession. Develop "quantum mind" and move beyond left brain / right brain thinking.

• WEEK TWO: DRIVE-BY "You're only a stranger away..." -- How to approach and photograph complete strangers. Use dares to get out of your comfort zone. Develop the awesome "drive-by" mentality that every photographer wants, but very few possess... and make your life feel "like a movie".

• WEEK THREE: FEMINISM FOR BOYS "I'm not looking for perfection. I'm looking for a vibe." -- How to master the complex psychology of a sexy photoshoot. You want to photograph girls? But you don't know how to approach them? And you have no clue how their minds work? In these videos, the models themselves will coach you.

• WEEK FOUR: HOW TO TAKE PARTY PHOTOS "Where were you last night?" -- Everything I learned from photographing over 4,000 parties. Including all the secrets that would get teachers fired if they shared them in traditional photography schools.

• WEEK FIVE: FINDING YOUR MESSAGE "If you don't know your message, you're destined to become a slave to someone else's." -- Personal Brand Therapy. How to find your message. How to figure out who your audience is. How to communicate your message to that audience. Sh*t gets real...

• WEEK SIX: LE$$XNS "Make art not content." -- How to use social media and "message first" marketing to build a brand. Watch real life case studies and documentaries of other people's transformations.

• BONUS: MIDNIGHT WORKSHOP "The Mutual Inspiration Society" (student access only)

Look... If your priority is fumbling around with the latest camera lenses and drooling over photography equipment... You probably aren't ready for this intense mind-shift.

Or, if you love "talking shop" with other artists instead of "doing" the work...
These videos will only give you FOMO.

But... if you've finally made the decision to raise your creativity from where it is right now… to a level that's way more awesome... then join now and start watching lastnightsparty TV. Your RENEGADE pre-enrollment discount will be frozen for life for helping "live-test" the new material (the Minecraft model).

Start your transformation now...

IMPORTANT USAGE WARNING: Consuming lastnightsparty TV will make content creators become artists, creatives become "rainmakers" and cause artist-entrepreneurs to never stress-out about social media ever again.

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I love the little imperfections, like the occasional bits of microphone hiss, or the yelling and police sirens leaking in from outside. Most educational videos take place in "Take-22" land, a wonderful bubble of unreality where all problems and rough edges have been systematically worn down, which makes them useless as standalone documents of a moment-- or as pieces of art. With the LNPTV videos, I’m excited to show them to non-photographically minded people because, in addition to being incredibly informative, they’re also little documentaries, shot and edited with the flair of films.

- Dean, Filmmaker (A Place Where Wi-fi Dare Not Venture), LNPTV Student

- Hailey Eve, lnpTV student who loves the weekly exclusive "Sunday Emails".

After watching "Finding Your Message (Geisha, Part 1)" I found myself sitting down and really thinking about what I loved about my work, and why I do it, and I realised I don't speak from that place. After watching this, I started letting people see me cry and be vulnerable because I realised that sharing from that place was true power, and that's what I have not been doing. The response was overwhelming from doing that. The men and women who I meet and connect through my work, is what makes me want to continue to dive further into photography these days. I'm not quite to the point of finding my message but I know this is bringing me closer to it. So thank you.

- Oliver, Photographer (Australia), LNPTV Student.

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"If lastnightsparty.com was all about making everyone look like a star… then lastnightsparty TV is about making them actually believe it!"

Bronques travels to Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Tokyo, and a host of other party destinations to help late-night creatives reach their maximum potential.

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