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How To Make Your Life A Work Of Art (And Why Most People Can't)

If you're like most creatives I meet... You've been dying to make more meaningful art, right?

Not just "content" designed for "more likes and followers".

Well, guess what?

The tide is changing. There's a "Nirvana moment" about to happen. The era of image is dead. We are entering the era of "message".

But to take advantage of this new opportunity... You're gonna have to understand something:

The person you are right now... Isn't ready to achieve your aspirations.

You have to transform.

lastnightsparty TV is a collection of underground "art school" films and essays to inspire content creators who want to step out of their "old self" and become awe-inspiring artists that influence culture.

This 7-MODULE video "boxset" contains all the ninja techniques and transformative philosophies I've collected throughout my career (so far). Please steal them. Use the exact process I used to drown the introvert inside of me-- and become the person capable of creating "impossible" moments in your art.

No cliché YouTube stuff in here guys.

This is my personal stash. I share all the advanced methods I've used while working with superstars and super brands (The Weeknd, Redbull, Converse, Super Bowl, Hakkassan Group)-- to help YOU step-up your game. This is it... The lastnightsparty "secret sauce".

• MODULE ONE: THE MYSTERY SCHOOL "The Alchemy Of Self” -- Discover The Mystery Formula for personal transformation. Use this psychotic 3-step process to turn your lukewarm passion into fiery OBSESSION!

• MODULE TWO: DRIVE-BY "Talk to strangers." -- I'll show you how to get out of your comfort zone by adopting the "drive-by" mentality... Yes, even if you're an introvert. This brand new way of looking at the world will make you bulletproof to rejection.

• MODULE THREE: FEMINISM FOR BOYS "Women Who Run With The Wolves" -- You'll learn how to create photoshoots that "push the envelope" as the perfect idiom to empower your muse. Watch in-depth explorations into the minds of liberated women to understand what inspires them to "go there".

• MODULE FOUR: HOW TO TAKE PARTY PHOTOS "Where were you last night?" -- Shhhh... All the secrets that would get teachers fired if they shared them in traditional photography schools are in here!

• MODULE FIVE: FINDING YOUR MESSAGE "The Drill Down Method" -- How to bypass “influencer culture” and start connecting with your audience faster than ever.

• MODULE SIX: BRAND VOODOO "New Wave Marketing” -- How to infuse humanity into digital marketing so it serves the movement you're building.

• MODULE SEVEN: BUSINESS ART "F*ck Art, Make Money” -- How to raise your "exchange value" so that you can make a living from your craft without having ever having to "sell out".


lastnightsparty TV is not a quick fix. It's a journey.

Everybody’s path is unique. And so is yours. Use these short films and weekly emails to inspire your breakthroughs... Take the parts that serve you and ignore the rest. Find the nuggets of inspiration that will help you get to YOUR destiny much faster.

I designed lastnightsparty TV with one goal in mind: to help you find your next steps.

Maybe you can figure it out all by yourself. But then... why haven't you already? Cause no one's been there to kick your ass... That's why! No one's been keeping you accountable.

I mean... If you're happy "scrolling through social media for ideas" instead of DOING THE WORK... Don't let me stop you. You probably aren't ready for this intense mindset switch anyway.

But... if you've finally made the decision to raise your creativity from where it is today… to a level that's way more awesome... ENROLL NOW.

To watch these underground videos as they get released -- before the mainstream catches on... Activate the pre-enrollment"***CREATIVE MISFITS DISCOUNT price below. See you inside.

IMPORTANT USAGE WARNING: Consuming lastnightsparty TV will make content creators become artists, creatives become "rainmakers" and cause artist-entrepreneurs to never stress-out about social media ever again.

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I love the little imperfections, like the occasional bits of microphone hiss, or the yelling and police sirens leaking in from outside. Most educational videos take place in "Take-22" land, a wonderful bubble of unreality where all problems and rough edges have been systematically worn down, which makes them useless as standalone documents of a moment-- or as pieces of art. With the LNPTV videos, I’m excited to show them to non-photographically minded people because, in addition to being incredibly informative, they’re also little documentaries, shot and edited with the flair of films.

- Dean, Filmmaker (A Place Where Wi-fi Dare Not Venture), LNPTV Student

- Hailey Eve, lnpTV student who loves the weekly exclusive "Sunday Emails".

After watching "Finding Your Message (Geisha, Part 1)" I found myself sitting down and really thinking about what I loved about my work, and why I do it, and I realised I don't speak from that place. After watching this, I started letting people see me cry and be vulnerable because I realised that sharing from that place was true power, and that's what I have not been doing. The response was overwhelming from doing that. The men and women who I meet and connect through my work, is what makes me want to continue to dive further into photography these days. I'm not quite to the point of finding my message but I know this is bringing me closer to it. So thank you.

- Oliver, Photographer (Australia), LNPTV Student.

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"If was all about making everyone look like a star… then lastnightsparty TV is about making them actually believe it!"

Bronques travels to Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Berlin, London, Tokyo, and a host of other party destinations to help late-night creatives reach their maximum potential.

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