LE$$XN 03: Email Is The Mothership

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My fellow artist-entrepreneurs,

They say email is dead.

91% of people check their email daily.

66% of people have made a purchase online as a result of an email marketing message.

Instagram has 1 billion users. Facebook has 2.2 billion.

EMAIL has 4.3 billion.

Facebook can make people see less of your posts if they feel like it. Instagram can do the same.

But no one can mess with your email.

Email is the mothership.

Email only sucks when... it's email you don't want.

Your job is to write emails that "your people" want.

"But Bronques... People don't even open my emails..."

That's because your emails aren't fun. They’re not inspiring. 

You have to write epic emails. You need to inspire your audience. Inspire them with your candor. Inspire them with your knowledge. Inspire them with your products. But you can't be "middle of the road" about anything you do. This is your life's work. Share your vision. Amplify the details. Listen, you can be as shy as you want to be in real life... but email is no place to hold back! They already love you. That's why they signed up. You can't afford to give them less than 100%. 

Check your inbox right now.

I bet 80% of it is just junk that you delete, delete, delete... But there's also a very small percentage of emails that you're happy to get. Some that put a smile on your face or maybe inspire you. You may even have a special folder for those so you can read them again later. 

What you need to do is stop writing emails that are designed for people's “delete pile”... and creating those that have a place in their “special folder”.

People open emails because of the way you made them feel the last time they did.

Everything you see me do on instagram, facebook, twitter or snapchat started with email. 

Email is the mothership.

"But Bronques... no one reads anymore."

People read. Well... if you write about something they care about.

This is not a theory. I tested it.

Last September I did a little experiment. I sent out an email to my list every single day. 30 emails in 30 days. I went against everything that people say... "People will get mad." "They'll unsubscribe." "You'll burn people out.". 

Guess what? 

They were right. All of those things DID happen. 

I got 400 unsubscribes in 30 days

But I also got 1,100 NEW subscribers in that same time frame when I shared one of my emails on social with an opt-in link. 

And you know what also happened? 

My open rates went up! 

And more people started writing me back to comment on my emails. 

I actually developed relationships with the people on my list. 

The emails also became a great source for getting feedback and testing ideas.

And throughout that whole period I was posting way LESS on Instagram... but my Instagram engagement, comments and DMs INCREASED. Why? By the time my followers were seeing photos on my social media the true fans already knew the backstory through email. They shared that knowledge. All my social media platforms became more meaningful because of a new two-way communication that I had now established with my email army. 

So now I love it when people 'unsubscribe'.

I know that those people are not "my people".

My open rate is 46% now.

Before I started my "emailing every day" experiment, my open rate was 19%.

It went UP after I started bombarding people's inbox. Counter-intuitive to the max, right? 

The truth is... People never get tired of hearing from you if you're always addressing their needs. Their "needs" is your message. And those "people" are your psychographic. That's what they signed up for.

"But Bronques," you may be thinking, "I only have 20 people on my email list!" 

I don't care if you have 10 people on your email list and only 3 opens.

Email is the mothership.

Make email your pillar content.

Those emails you force yourself to write today will become endless sources of "content" for you to draw from later. The sheer volume of words that you can now pull from when you need to write captions, describe your products, create compelling ads or find the topic for a new video... will leave you stress-free when you're in a pinch.

But the best part is... 

That "refurbished content" can also make you lots of money!

This is not a theory. I tested it.

I turned my most popular emails into ads and they all had a relevance score of 10. Every single one. Now if you're not a Facebook ads person let me explain: a high “relevance score” mean that Facebook notices that the community likes what you're showing them. Your ads end up costing you less AND converting more because the algorithm knows exactly who to show them to. 

But the most undeniable business reason to nurture and grow your email list is this: Facebook ads re-targetting. (Sorry, I'm gonna get nerdy here...) When you create a "custom audience" with your email list... you can lower the CPA down to a 1/4 of the price. And if you had segmented and purged your list for the last 3 years you could have gotten it even lower! You get to laugh all the way to the bank while all your competition whines about the rising costs of ads. 

I see so many great brands leaving "email marketing" money on the table. 

They have a message and a spellbound audience but they don't ever talk to them. 


They get email opt-ins daily but they have no automated "welcome sequences"!

I mean... even a badly written automated welcome email “converts” better than NO welcome email. 

It reminds me of the first scene of the movie 'The Godfather'. The part where Marlon Brando says: "You come to see me and ask me to kill a man but you never once called to say hello?"

That's how most people behave with email. They ignore their fans until they have a new video, a new song or a new "amazing product" to promote. 

"Stop treating your list like a booty call." Yara Golden

Dig your well before you're thirsty. Like... Maybe you should start connecting with your fans BEFORE you start asking them for money?

The internet has taught us to be rude. You don't have to follow that trend.

When you start to use your values and principles to navigate social media instead of copying the bad behavior that you see everywhere, your whole experience online will change for the better.

I love movies. I love analogies. Here's one last one.

One of my favorite scenes in Good Will Hunting is when Matt Damon is telling his therapist (Robin Williams) about his awesome date with a girl. When the therapist asks "Are you gonna call her?" He says "No, I don't want to ruin it. She's so perfect right now." The therapist cuts him up with: "Maybe you don't wanna call her because... YOU'RE so perfect right now..."

That's how brands treat their list. Afraid of offending. Afraid of unsubscribes. So they go on ignoring all their people until they want something. They're so afraid to offend... that they act offensively. 

Email is The Mothership.

While everyone else is stressing out over social media, a few of us are sharing exclusive photos and crazy stories with our fans in a way that’s soooo old school it’s become shockingly... new!

All of the power is in the words. 

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